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Namaste Beauty

Herbal Eye Gel

Herbal Eye Gel

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  • Herbal Eye Gel Base: Cucumber

    Complement(s): Shea, Coffee
    2 oz. (57g)

    Benefits * Advantages

    * Smoothens lines
    * Moisturizes delicate eye area
    * Reduces puffiness

    Luxury * Quality * Effective

    * Lightweight, Quick Absorbing, Long Lasting
    * Namaste Beauty products applied as base
    * Other products may be layered on top
    * A little truly does go a long way

  • Enhance Your Own Beauty

    All our products naturally integrate with your own complexion to enhance and highlight your own features. 

    Beauty Minimalism

    Our products align with the assets of beauty minimalism, that focuses on obtaining aesthetic enhancement with basic essentials. Quality over quantity in your personal beauty.

    Essence of India

    Cucumber has long been known in ancient India for its timeless properties hydrating purification and calm cooling. 

  • Use one Namaste Beauty product per designated area at a time. Example, use only the Cucumber Eye Gel or Eye Serum, but not both at the same time. 

    Additional products that are not Namaste Beauty may be layered on top (lotions, etc.), except for any specified for night wear.

    Since our products naturally integrate, they should be applied as the base layer. 

    Herbal Eye Gel

    Apply twice daily to clean skin. Using ring finger, dab gel gently under and around the eye area.

  • Namaste Beauty & You

    Short and long term results will be dependent on individual.
    Please consult your healthcare provider as needed prior to use. 

    Getting Your Product

    Your Namaste Beauty product is custom curated just for you. In order for our experts to meticulously create your product, please allow up to 15 business days to ship.

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    * Available in US

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